Our Story

Do you love to wear Jewelry that brings you inner power?
Do you believe that the jewelry pieces we adorn ourselves with are personal talismans that can help keep us help calm and grounded?


I have been creating Jewelry for 32 years and I love to create Magical Jewelry pieces for the Spiritual Woman who knows the power that her personal amulets hold!
I combine  mixed metals, that I hand-forge, texture, patina, enamel and paint in the torch. I combine these metals with stones, crystals, amulets, shells and beads from around the world.
I create in my 100 year old cottage studio near the beautiful Florida Gulf Coast.
Everyday I am inspired by our beautiful beaches and the beauty of nature around me.

I hope that each piece I create will hold a special place in your life and allow you to tap into your personal power that each of us has within us!



Annabellea Jewelry Designs created by Jeri Totten